A La Cart

A La Cart Options:

Needing help with only certain aspects of your training? No need to be a full time MSN Pro Coaching athlete. Contact to schedule an appointment. We are here to help with all of your athletic goals!

Personalized Athlete and Coach Training Sessions:

  • Consultations or on-bike training sessions – $150.00 per hour
  • Strength Training – $150.00 per hour
  • Motor Pacing – $100.00 per hour (each additional hour – $50/hour)
  • Personalized Training Center Services:
  • Spin-scan sessions – $75 per half hour
  • Recovery sessions – $75 per session

Individual Testing- more information

“You cannot reach your destination without first knowing where you stand”

Testing Options include:

  • Lactate Balance Point
  • Threshold
  • Glycogen burn rate
  • Power profile
  • Body fat percentage
  • Caloric burn rate
  • Run Pace

Contact to schedule.

Professional Bicycle Fit – more information

Nothing is more critical to your performance, comfort, and enjoyment on the bike than your position. All the fitness and strength in the world is worthless if the power is not going into the pedals or if you are physically uncomfortable just sitting on the bike.


Norton Training Systems

For athletes in need of a structure training plan.

Use the success of the MSN Pro Coaching methods under your own rules more…

Starting Line Package – (Currently Not Available):

One time consultation to assist the athlete in reviewing ones program and adjusting to meet specific needs


Lactate Balance Point test to establish scientific training zones

Body Dynamics, Balance, Flexibility, and ROM screening test

3 months of a periodized training plan targeted towards a goal event

For more info check out the Starting Line Package page.


Group Session – Contact for Pricing Options:

One day lecture with Q&A and group ride tailored to the needs of specific group

Great for clubs, teams, and local cyclists to learn and apply skills to help improve riding, training, and racing

Contact to schedule

Motor Paced Training
One of the most beneficial tools a coach can give an athlete is structured motorpacing. A long standing tradition of the professional peloton, more and more elite and amateur level athletes are learning just how effective even small amounts of motorpacing are to simulating race conditions. more…


MSN Pro Coaching Electronic Manual: more info

This all-encompassing guide was created over the course of Michael Norton’s 25+ year cycling career, drawing from that experience means it will answer a wide range of questions pertaining to the cycling lifestyle.


Power-Tap rental – $300 per weekend with testing (3 days)

Bike Box Rental – $100 per trip


Group Riding Clinics
Whether you have been considering joining your local cycling club for a group ride or perhaps you just want to learn how to safely and efficiently ride with a few friends. The goal of each clinic is to take the mystery and intimidation out of any group situation and teach you the skills involved in this very important aspect of cycling. Perfect for any beginner, while also remaining surprisingly enlightening for even the most seasoned rider. more…

Contact to schedule

Training Center: more info
It’s everything a cyclist, runner, or triathlete could ever want under one roof: from strength training machines, treadmills, core training devices, and stretching/yoga areas; dedicated Computrainers for pinpointed training; a complete sports science lab for athlete performance testing, spin-scan analysis, and bike fitting; video analysis area for race review, tactical planning, and visual analysis; and so much more.

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