Coaches Corner

Training Wheels!
It’s nice to be back on the open roads and riding hard.  What is important about this statement is that you are riding and training, not fixing flats!  In order to accomplish this, I have set up an ideal training wheel set.  This set is reliable and as close as you can get to staying flat-free.  An added benefit of this wheel set is that it is heavy, which makes training harder and you wanting your race wheel set even more!!
The wheel set you want is a 32 spoke 3 lace pattern standard box alloy wheel set.  Use a cassette that provides proper gearing for your terrain and then focus in on the tire/tube set-up.
In my opinion, the Continental Gator Skin 700×25 is the best training tire.  Durable and thick-skinned to prevent flatting from cuts.
Install regular tubes (not latex) as well as some tire liners.  Ask your local bike shop for the proper type.  Mr. Tuffs is one brand and the size you need will correspond to your tire size.
Put it all together and make sure the rear derailleur is lined up.  You are all set!
Keep training and see you on the road!