Path of Progression

Club Motivation editPath of Progression

MSN Pro Coaching aims to help any individual no matter the athletic back round or unique challenge. Below is the recommended path that a beginner can follow to utilize MSN Pro Coaching and achieve ones athletic goals.

Step 1. Indoor Cycling Classes. Covering intensity levels, personal zone assignment, on the bike skills, and pedaling efficiency .

Step 2. Outdoor Riding Clinics.   MSN Pro Coaching holds two different types; Group Cycling 101 and Group Cycling 201. Both these clinics are completed in a group format with the goal being to teach the skills needed to take part in any group ride situation, from simple basics to advanced racing tactics. These are held 2 to 3 times per year.

Step 3. Individual Riding Lesson. This is a one-on-one instructional lesson completed indoors or out and outlines bike skills, training guidelines, technique evaluation, cadence and shifting advice, proper riding posture, and much more.

Step 4. Physiological Testing. Complete a full battery of tests including, Threshold Heart Rate and Power Profile, Lactate on-set, and Accumulation, and Glycogen burn rate.

Step 5. Individual Training Sessions. These include, strength training, recovery techniques, pedaling dynamics and motor paced training. These sessions are one-on-one and cover the small, but very important details of ones training program.

Step 6. Individualize Training Programs. This is a personalized athletic training program. These are a periodized training plan specifically planned and organized forthe athlete to accomplish ones athletic goals. Plans include guidance on Workouts, Nutrition, Cycling Lifestyle, Motor pacing, volume vs intensity in training, one-on-one sessions and much more..