MSN Pro Coaching Indoor Training Center

Located at 421 River Ln, Loves Park, IL 61111

Greatness now has a home. Welcome to the MSN Pro Coaching Services Indoor Training Center, a 1000-square foot cutting edge indoor performance center designed specifically around the endurance athlete.

It’s everything a cyclist, runner, or triathlete could ever want under one roof: from strength training machines, treadmills, core training devices, and stretching/yoga areas; dedicated Computrainers for pinpointed training; a complete sports science lab for athlete performance testing, spin-scan analysis, and bike fitting; video analysis area for race review, tactical planning, and visual analysis; and so much more.

Facility Includes:

▪CompuTrainers to work on specific power/course training needs

▪Strength equipment area tailored to the endurance athlete

▪Power Blocks Dumbbells ▪Free Weights ▪TRX Suspension Trainers ▪Bosu

▪Yoga/Stretching areas ▪Form Rollers ▪Treadmill

▪Spin-scan Pedaling Analysis ▪Power Cranks for pedaling dynamic’s

▪Scientific Performance Athletic Testing (Lactate, Power, Pace & Body Composition)

▪Lange Precision Skin Calipers ▪Footlevers Custom Orthotics

▪Professional Bicycling Fitting ▪Aerodynamic Bike Position Testing

▪Rollers for bicycle handling and pedaling velocity technique

▪Race review for planning, studying and enhancing race tactics

▪Italian espresso, sodas, water available

▪Personalize storage bin ▪Bicycle Storage


A state-of-the-art training center encompassing the full array of the endurance sports world, crafted in the image of the legendary Mapei Sports Centre in Italy.

North of Milan, Italy, nestled among the hilly roads of Varese, where cycling is more a religion than sport, lies the Mapei Sport Centre and the inspiration for our own indoor training center. Mapei revolutionized the sport of cycling when they opened their doors in 1996 by introducing a physical location that encompassed everything an endurance athlete could possibly want under one roof. Now athletes could meet with their coaches, perform crucial testing in the lab, have their position on the bike dialed in, perform strength training in the gym, or undergo physical therapy or rehab from injuries, all under one roof. It became a home for the athlete’s sporting life, the beating heart to his athletic world.

Over the years nearly every top rider has passed through Mapei’s doors. As a teenager just beginning his own long career, Mike Norton read about the Mapei Centre in Cycle Sport Magazine and was inspired. The fascination continued over the course of his racing career and as he transitioned over to the coaching side of the sport, to the point that he would eventually visit the Mapei Centre in person – during his honeymoon no less!

Endurance Athletes

MSN Pro Coaching’s indoor training center is your home for your entire endurance sports world. Swing by for a chat with Coach Norton and enjoy an espresso from our state-of-the-art Italian espresso machine. Escape the harsh midwestern winter and enjoy some camarederie and renewed motivation on one of our Computrainers. Perform testing in the lab to dial in your zones.

Ditch the local gym rats and train in peace at MSN, where you’ll find strength equipment designed specifically for endurance athletes, TRX machines for core training, and lots of mats and space for stretching and yoga. Coaches are always on hand to offer instruction on proper form and technique, or just a little encouragement! Having some discomfort on the bike? Head back to our dedicated fitting room and have a proper bike fitting performed by some of the best in the business.

Join your coach in the video room to evaluate your last race, plan strategy for an upcoming event, even visually analyze your form and positioning on the bike. Members enjoy personalized individual storage bins and even bicycle storage. Welcome to your new home for your endurance sports world!

Hours of Operation

Tuesday & Thursday: 6:15pm to 9:00pm

Saturday: 12pm to 4:30pm