Motor Pacing


Perhaps the most potent and effective type of training available, motorpacing has long been utilized by the pros to hone their form as they prepare to enter the race season or peak for a major event. MSN Pro Coaching makes this service available to elite and amateur-level athletes, allowing you to take your training and preparation to an entirely new level.

By incorporating the draft of a scooter, athletes can simulate the same speeds and sensations previously only experienced in racing, while still performing structured training and intervals. Incorporating this style of training at high speed adds another dimension to your training, developing comfort and confidence at race pace and allowing you to train with the same fluid and efficient pedalstroke you will use on race day.

In addition, by motorpacing with the experienced and knowledgeable coaching staff at MSN Pro Coaching, you will enjoy structured workouts that can be tailored exactly to your needs. Scooters are power meter-equipped, allowing the driver to monitor your effort in real-time and adjust the speeds to accomplish exactly what you’re looking for, meanwhile all you focus on is holding the wheel or coming around the scooter. There’s no way you can train this hard by yourself!

Benefits Include:
  • Learn to relax, recover, and conserve energy at race speeds, essential for long endurance events
  • Replicate the unique demands of racing, including leg speed and a fluid pedal stroke
  • Develop increased group riding confidence and efficiency by learning to draft in close proximity to the scooter
  • Direct coach feedback: power meter-equipped scooter, workout monitored and adjusted in real time, identification of weaknesses, improve posture and riding position, learn better drafting techniques, become relaxed and confident at high speed

The very best form of speed training available, allowing the athlete to train at or above racing speeds and intensities. A mainstay of training for the pros.

Power-meter equipped.

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Cost: $100 per hour/ must wear helmet and sign release waiver

Group Motorpacing

A great opportunity to practice advanced race tactics at racing speeds. Natural competitive group dynamics will ensure that this is the highest intensity effort you can get without actually pinning on a number!

Structured 90-minute sessions utilize pre-selected 5-10km loops and incorporate a multitude of different efforts including sprints, KOMs, intervals, and race scenarios.

Please note that each person taking part is responsible for him/herself and it is not a guarantee that you will be able to maintain contact with the pacing group at all times; however attempts will be made each lap to ‘Pick-Up’ anyone that has fallen off the pace on previous laps and you can also expect periods of recovery built into each session.

Previous motorpacing and group riding experience is required of each participant for the safety of all involved. If you have never motorpaced before but wish to take part in group sessions, then it is recommended that you take part in one or two solo pacing sessions first before joining a group-based session.

Calendar for dates and times
Must wear a helmet and sign a release waiver
Previous motorpacing and group riding experience required

Cost: $20 per session (must have group of 5 or more)

For the athlete looking for the very best, look no further.

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