Physiological Testing

“You cannot reach your destination without first knowing where you stand”

Completely remove the guess work from your training by tapping into the latest in sports science with MSN Pro Coaching Services physiological testing services. Through a battery of different testing available, we can pinpoint your unique physiological attributes and values to help you understand exactly where you stand, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what’s holding you back, and how you can improve.

Testing in the lab removes all the guess work and doubt from your training, allowing you to set up correct training zones, avoid over-training, and monitor improvements and assimilation of training loads.

Lactate Testing using the Lactate Pro Blood Lactate Test Meter

The standard in elite endurance sports training, this test is used to pinpoint your Lactate Balance Point. This accurately shows your deflection in which metabolic system you are using during training.

Price: $175 per test

Other Tests Offered

  • Glycogen Burn Rate: using the OneTouch Blood Glucose Test Meter
  • Power at Threshold: using CompuTrainer and your current power measuring device
  • Heart Rate Threshold: using the Conconi method with CompuTrainer and your current power/heart rate measuring device
  • Power Profile: Using CompuTrainer and your current power measuring device
  • FMS: Functional Movement Screening to determine strengths, weakness and imbalances in body movement
  • Run Pace Testing
  • Swim Pace Testing
  • Body Fat Analysis: using Lange skin calipers
  • Caloric Burn-Rate: caloric in-take vs out-take using the latest formula and kilojoules measuring devices

Price: $100.00 per test

For the athlete looking for the very best, look no further.

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