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Brennan Fox

bender racing 2011 edit

David Bender

Congratulations to David Bender for becoming MSN Pro Coaching’s Athlete of the Moment!

When people ask about coaching, training and racing the first thing I discuss is commitment.  Commitment to you as an athlete, your goals, your coach, and your training program.  Dave is a great example of this.  Development takes time and it’s an up and down road.  Dave started with MSN Pro Coaching 3 race season’s ago.  I met Dave and thought, here is a good Mountain biker that needs direction.  Well I had no idea once he got that guidance where it would take him.  Dave started racing about 4 seasons ago in the WORS Mountain Bike series held in Wisconsin.  His results in those first few years were in the Comp or Intermediate level and always finishing towards the back.  Within the first year of training together, Dave went from always bringing up the rear of the field to wins, podiums and first overall in the comp series until the very last race out of a series of 10.  Due to a mechanical he lost the overall series by 1 point.  Still a win in my eyes.  Dave did not stop there and the following year we stepped up to Elite or Pro/Cat 1 field.   This was a big jump for Dave and it showed.  Mechanicals, timing, faster competition, and life’s challenges all got in the way of his athletic goals.  The second season was not the greatest and a hard way to compete.  Some would give up, but Dave knew he was a great bike rider and that the training plan takes time.  We regrouped and started out on our 3rd season.  This season was back to what Dave was really good at, Podiums!  This time though it was against the best athletes that the region has to offer.  Again, Dave wanted to test himself on a higher level, and there’s only one place to try that.  Nationals Championships!  So bigger goals and more commitment.  Dave made the hard work pay off and had a great showing, finishing 6th place at the 2013 USA Cycling Elite National Championships.  The race started well with Dave taking the lead but with putting it all on the line he had a bit of a spill and lost the front spot, but as is Dave’s nature, he didn’t give up and got up to try again and in doing so he ended up with a great placing at the highest level mountain bike race in the Nation!  Dave is a true athlete that understands, yes he has the natural talent, but it’s the hard work that leads to achieving your goals.  What changed for this 3rd season?  The 1%: lifestyle, rest, diet, communication with your coach, focus on the program and confidence to compete at your best!

Congrats Dave on achieving your goals! And knowing Dave, he is already looking for the next challenge.



aj fataj ironman aj run


AJ Thornton

When I first meet AJ he did not look like an athlete, yet he had a nice bike and talked about competing in a triathlon. He asked if I could help him to achieve his goal. I was excited to see if together we could get him there, but thought, man, this is going to be a lot of work! Is this guy really up for this ambitious goal? Well, he is now the MSN Pro Coaching AOTM!! So I am happy to say that yes, he was!

It’s clear to see that AJ lost over 100 lbs during his preparation to compete in a triathlon event, but what most people don’t realize is that he has become a true athlete. When I first tested AJ’s physiological state in one of our first sessions it was not good. His results revealed he had the athletic ability of an unfit 60 year old man. AJ was only 26. So, we began to train. We worked on setting up an eating, working, training, and sleeping schedule that would allow AJ to perform in sports and at his job, where he tastes chocolate all day. Yes, that‘s right, AJ is a food scientist and must taste chocolate and other sweets all day long for a living. (Did I mention that this goal was a challenge!) After one year of training and working together with me, AJ now has the athletic ability of a 27 year old man, and a very fit one at that! He also successfully completed his triathlon. I have never seen such an enormous improvement with any of the athletes I have ever worked with.

Congratulations AJ. You set out to achieve a goal, accomplished that goal, and then continued on to test your athletic ability in completing a half IronMan, more triathlons, a half marathon, a road bicycle race, and are planning to do even more events! A true inspiration to all of us who say “I can’t do that,” AJ just showed us that we all can!


bridget wittBridget Witt

 Bridget is a duathlete that competes at the national level; She recently placed 7th in the nation for her age group.  With this ranking she has been selected to compete at the Duathlon World Championships in France later this year. 

Bridget’s season has been plagued by injuries but, now recovered, she is strengthening her cycling to reach new athletic heights in her short but already successful career.  Also this year, she successfully defended her title as the Beloit Biathlon Overall Female Champion.  

 Bridget is a local Phys Ed teacher and a dedicated mother.  Together with her very supportive husband she is set to reach the highest levels in her sport!
Congratulations Bridget!

Also follow this link to learn more about Bridget’s accomplishments:


beiber swim        beiber run finish beiber bike

 Michael Bieber

Mike is a dedicated Phy. Ed. teacher, qualified bicycle technician, high school running coach, and an Ironman!

Last year Mike decided to compete in an Ironman and in doing so got in the best shape of his life.  Mike finished the 2011 Ironman Madison in an awe-inspiring time of 11:34:05

Congratulations Mike for a great athletic goal accomplishment!


Mat Bell on Quest for Gold Ticket

Ontario’s Mat Bell – Red Truck Racing has is one of the athletes selected to be on this years Quest for Gold ticket. Mat had a great 2009 and has had a bit of bad luck in 2010 with a recent crash in Beauce that kept him out of the 2010 National Championships.

The new ticket is available July 5 and proceeds go to supporting athletes in Ontario.

Ontario Cycling has also announced that the number of athlete cards will increase to 16 ( from 12) for the 2011 season.

So grab a ticket and support Ontario cyclists as they make their Quest for Gold!

The Quest for Gold Program was established to provide additional support to athletes from Ontario and to increase the performance and number of Ontario athletes competing at the highest national and international levels, thereby contributing to the improved performance of Canada at international competitions.