Professional Bicycle Fitting

Professional Bicycle Fitting

Your position on the bike should be a natural extension of your own body.





Nothing is more critical to your performance, comfort, and enjoyment on the bike than your position. All the fitness and strength in the world is worthless if the power is not going into the pedals or if you are physically uncomfortable just sitting on the bike.

Your position should feel natural, as though the bike is an extension of your own body. The fitting process is a complex, highly-nuanced process, as much art as science. It is critical that it be performed by a skilled specialist with the proper training and experience. The most important thing is that the bike fits around your body, never the other way around.

Body alignment, balance and discrepancies screening

Together with the collaboration of Dr. Jarrod Kerkhoff, DC, at Loves Park Chiropractic, MSN Pro Coaching Services is able to offer one of the most comprehensive, scientific and detailed bicycle fittings available. The process begins with the most important element: a full body composition review.

We start by using Dr. Kerkhoff’s in-depth knowledge of sports medicine as well as experience competing as an elite athlete to examen your specific muscular imbalances, discrepancies, posture, and range of motion. We gather static as well as Functional Movement Screening (FMS) information to identify what is the root of the problem even before we have you swing a leg over the bike. This data on your individual body allows professional fitter, Michael Norton, to align the bicycle specifically to fit you and your unique physical makeup, leading to a position that feels natural, comfortable, and powerful.

The next step is a fully dynamic riding assessment to align the bicycle to your body. Using experience, bicycle fitting specific tools such as goniometer, alignment lazers, and video footage we will guide you into a power yet comfortable customized bicycle fitting.

A correct position should:

  • Prevent injury
  • Increase comfort
  • Increase power output
  • Increase stamina
  • Be ergonomically efficient
Cost: $350

Time Trial/Tri-bike Advanced Aerodynamic Bicycle Fitting

Nowhere is proper bicycle fit more crucial than in the aerodynamic world of triathlon and road time trial.

While the most aerodynamic position may be the fastest on paper, it’s useless if the rider cannot hold it and continue to produce power. Therefore the fastest position is actually a combination that balances aerodynamics with the functionality of the rider. The final product should be the most aerodynamic position a rider can maintain comfortably while producing maximum power into the pedals.

MSN Pro Coaching Service’s state-of-the-art aero fitting package is comprised of three different stages to achieve this end, with repeated trial testing to pinpoint the best personalized aerodynamic vs efficient position.

We begin on our power-equipped sizing cycle, where we can easily manipulate your position while watching your power output in real time. Next we head outdoors and plug these measurements into your own bike, using an aerodynamic meter to finalize your form and make adjustments during repeat runs.

The final step utilizes an advanced aero pod mounted to your bike to monitor that you are able to continually maintain your new aero position while producing power. The pod stays on your bike for the next week or two as you return to normal training with the new fit, all the while recording data for upload later.

The data is then sent to MSN Pro Coaching Services for review and analysis. Based upon this we can then make any additional modifications or changes needed to help you reach the most effective position to slice through the wind while producing maximum power into the pedals.

Cost: $300*

*Must complete MSN Pro Coaching Professional Fitting prior to Advanced Aerodynamic Bicycling Fitting

Professional Cleat Fitting

The foundation to a professional bicycle fitting

  • Ensure proper shoe size and fit
  • Determine need for Shimming or Wedging
  • Exam is custom orthotics are needed
  • Install cleats to shoes
  • Install pedals onto bike
  • Ensure correct cleat position
  • Ensure proper cleat alignment
  • Review pedal entry release
  • Review pedaling dynamics
Cost: $75

Reassessment/Second Bicycle Measurement

Just as your body evolves so does your bicycle fitting. If it has been over a year since your fitting has been assessed, we recommend this service to make sure alignment is right and correct riding posture is practiced.

  • Reanalyze bicycle fit after initial fitting
  • Duplicate your fit position to your second bicycle
  • Ensure accurate measurement transfer on second bicycle
Cost: $175


20150611_175820Mike Norton, former professional cyclist and now owner and head coach of MSN Pro Coaching Services has been racing for 20+ years and coaching for 15+ years.. During this time, which has included 8-hour training days and international racing on three continents, Mike worked on product design and compliance with the best in the industry. He was personally fit by world-renowned bicycle fitter Fietsen Vanmarcke, in Belgium, and has studied his methods. Mike also worked closely with the Serotta Fit School staff during the company’s inception in New York. Along with hands-on experience, Mike holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Athletic Management and has studied firsthand from such authorities as BikeFit, Dartfish Fitting System, and legendary coach Eddie Borysewicz’s fitting and training principles. He has extensive knowledge and experience using power meter devices and is a USA Cycling Certified Coach. He has performed more than 500 fittings over the course of 15 years.

“I take the time and care required to determine the riding needs of my clients, and can do the same for you. Together with the fundamentals of fitting science I assure you that we will find your proper position on a bicycle. I will not only fit your bicycle specifically to you, I will determine your strengths and weaknesses on the bike to help guide you to learning proper technique for more efficient and comfortable riding. Your bike should fit your body – not the other way around!”
~ Mike Norton




Dr. Jarrod Kerkhoff, DC has over 17 years of experience in helping athletic patients achieve functional restoration and their very best in athletic performance. As an elite level/category 1 competitive cyclist, Dr. Kerkhoff understands the demands placed on athletes: anatomically, physiologically and psychologically.He combines his knowledge as a healthcare provider and a competitive cyclist to help you achieve your athletic performance goals.





Fittings By Appointment Only

~ Allow for approximately 3 hours

Please call for appointment days and times.


Guarantee: A MSN Pro Coaching Professional Fitting includes 1 free reassessment and/or re-positioning if needed within 30 days of the fitting.