Starting Line Package

Starting Line Package


 Where do you start…

At the starting line.

The Starting Line Package covers every aspect the athlete needs to start training properly to achieve success. This program starts with identify your current fitness level, strength and weaknesses and then builds a training program around what you specifically need to do to prepare for preforming at your best.

The # 1 reason athletes do not start coaching is not what you would first think, it’s: Commitment

They have a fear of believing in a program and committing to such program for any length of time. This is exactly what is needed to achieve success with coaching.

Experts say, it takes 90 days to see change! So, here at MSN Pro Coaching, I challenge you to commit for 90 days.

Will you accept the challenge to achieve success?



The # 2 reason why athletes do not start working with a coach is: Cost

Can you put a price on your health and fitness? What is that cost? Everything costs money, but what is important? Well, to race costs.  Bikes/running shoes costs and yes, coaching costs.
Lets look at it this way, the race is like purchasing the exam (big moment, a bit of pressure, ready to test your ability), the bike is like your pencil, (the best you can buy, all sharpened up, new clean eraser), and coaching is like the text book (study guide, map to success, place of knowledge, lots of time spent working with).

Now, would you dare take the test without first learning the topic from the text book?
Of course, we all have budgets but we can now see what really should have priority.

Can we help you ace your exam?

Starting Line package:

1 lactate performance test (valued @ $175)
1 body functional movement assessment (valued @ $100)
3 month personalized training program with data and diary upload capability (valued @ $600)

One time fee of (Currently Not Available)

That’s a savings. So, now whats stopping you, start today


Contact MSN Pro Coaching to initiate the interview process.

At MSN Pro Coaching we have guidance and services for all levels, whatever your goal “test” may be.

Athletes are assessed by head coach, Mike Norton, to remove the guess-work completely from training.

The Starting Line Package is just that, once we begin if you find your development needs more attention you can always add or upgrade with additional MSN Pro Coaching Services.

Options include: train one-on-one with Mike, from coached training rides, to motor-paced interval sessions, to instruction on proper strength training and stretching at the MSN Pro Coaching Indoor Training Center.

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