Here are what current and past clients are saying about coaching with Mike and MSN Pro Coaching:


Mike and I started working together about 6 years ago when I wanted to get faster on my mountain bike for racing in the Midwest.

My first attempt at a National Championship was last year in Asheville (11th 30-34, 11th SS, 4th Industry). I had some decent results but Mike showed me the data that proved I had more potential for the 2017 Championship.

A couple of focused camp weekends with Mike, a lot of trainer time, and many races later, I landed on the 2nd step of the podium with the confidence that I had all the fitness and skills for the top step.

Thanks to Mike for believing in my abilities and giving me the plan to get to the top!

 -Elite cat. 1 mountain bike and cross athlete coached to a national medal
After 3 years of racing and delivering no results , a friend referred me to Mike Norton.  I am now in my 8th race season of working with MSN Pro Coaching , and my quality of life has improved in many areas beyond cycling!As for results, I finished 7 overall in the 2016 National Championship master road race and became The 2016 New Jersey State Time Trial Champion 60+ .Mike covers all areas of the training process including, stayed focused on understanding my diet , the proper nutrition and hydration needed for me to race and train week after week , year after year.In the fall of 2016 I attended MSN Pro Coaching cycling camp were we covered everything from lactate and FTP testing, proper bike fitting, to a coached group ride working on proper race tactics.

The one guarantee I can trust “MSN Pro Coaching will deliver me to the start line with the fitness level needed to WiN !”

 -Masters athlete coached for 8+ seasons


“Mike is very personal, gets to know athlete inside and out plus family, team aspect, direct 1 on 1 contact via phone, texting and hands on training. He never counts you out even in tough times always seeing your potential.”

-Elite Nationally Rated Du-athlete and Cat. 3 Cyclist coached for 4+ seasons 


“Of course I started to shop around on the Internet for the best coaching and also the best pricing. My search quickly ended because Coach Mike Norton was so helpful even before I was a client, and even before he saw my talent that I knew MSN Pro Coaching would be the perfect fit.” 
Cat. 1 and current Illinois State Road Champion coached for 3+ seasons


“Thanks for the Time Trial Fitting.  After years of TTing I had one fit session with MSN Pro Coaching and I took 40 seconds off my 30kms time!”
-Elite Cat. 2 Master Road and Time Trial Regional Champion
“After 3 years of trying on my own to reach the top level of Cat 2 mountain biking and move on to Cat 1, I needed a change. I was not getting near my goals. My training was inconsistent and didn’t contain the right training at the right time to benefit me. I decided coaching was in order and enlisted the help of Michael Norton of MSN Pro Coaching. I went from a low to mid-pack racer and never seeing the podium, to taking first in my age group and 3rd overall in my first race, a HUGE accomplishment for me. This was after only 5 months of training. I had never felt so great out on the race course! Follow Mike’s program and you will have results.”
-Elite mountain bike athlete coached for 2+ seasons
“Once again Coach Mike had me firing for my big races in June and July. I had a somewhat slow start with some bad luck and crashes taking me out in ToAd, but Mike talked me through it and I ended the series with a win at the Historic Downer’s classic.”
Cat. 1 and current Illinois State Road Champion coached for 3+ seasons


“Why I joined MSN: After a season of training and doing triathlons on my own. I knew I needed more if I want to reach my goal of doing a Half Ironman. Coach Norton shows up with one of his Kona bound triathlete to talk about his MSN Pro Coaching. Here is the guy talking about his services while one of his actual athletes is there. How could I not be motivated to learn more about MSN PRO COACHING. I heard instruction, direction and support to be your best. I found what I was looking for!”
Motivated 1/2 Ironman Finisher Tri-Athlete and Cyclist coached for 1+ seasons


“I approached Mike Norton regarding coaching leading up to my first Ironman competition.  As an experienced coach and athlete with a degree in Physical Education and Coaching, I knew the benefits of having somebody to be accountable to.  The structure and training schedule that Mike set up worked very well in to my schedule and allowed me to see the gains in fitness at certain periods of training.  I really liked that I did not have to wait until my big event to see the payoff!  When the day of Ironman did arrive, I was able to accomplish all of the goals I had put in place, including a 20 minute personal best on the bike portion.  The experience and knowledge that Mike brought to my training proved invaluable to the success of my race.”
-Elite Iron Man Tri- athlete


“We did accomplish that elusive win at Somerville! Very Sweet”
-Masters athlete coached for 4+ seasons


“A fine-tuned routine, workouts to suit the individual athlete, testing and many different forms of workouts, gets you out of the comfort zone, latest training/ testing techniques.”

-Elite Nationally Rated Du-athlete and Cat. 3 Cyclist coached for 4+ seasons 


“Michael Norton brings years of experience and passion to his coaching based on his professional racing career and his love for this most beautiful sport. Mike is well-versed in periodization, power training, heart rate zone training, racing strategy and, most importantly, helping a rider determine and exploit his or her strengths. When I met Mike I was sure I was a climber given my size. Mike quickly determined my greatest strength was sprinting and he was right! After learning how to position myself and conserve energy and how to be fearless in the elbow bumping world of the sprint I have started to win races.”
-Cat. 3/Masters athlete coached for 2 seasons


“Michael Norton and I began working together in 2008. In March 2009, I came down to New York and he created a custom personalized 2 week training camp complete with testing, bike fit and motor pacing. The coaching and training was fantastic and gave me the fitness and motivation to achieve my goals in cycling. 2009 was my most successful season. Fifth at U23 Canadian championships, highest placed U25 Canadian at Tour de Beauce and champion of the 2009 Ontario Provincial TimeTrial. Michael’s coaching definitely helped make my season.”
-Cat. 1/UCI Elite athlete on Canadian national team


“Thx Mike. The “pro coaching“ in the base period made a huge difference!”
-Elite Iron Man Tri-athlete (qualified for Kona with a sub 10 hr time)


“I think we can both agree that the season was a real success. We achieved a cyclocross State Championship, a 2nd place finish in the season-long Garden State Cup series, a 9th place at Track Nationals, and a 16th placing in the National Time Trial.  As I mentioned in the past I appreciate all the help you give me and always look forward to our weekly call.”
-Master athlete coached for 4+ seasons


“Working with Coach Mike and following my personalized training plan, I now have a power threshold higher than I ever thought possible, and am racing as a CAT 1 which I also never thought would be possible. I truly believe I would not have achieved any of this without MSN Pro Coaching.”
Cat. 1 and current Illinois State Road Champion coached for 3+ seasons


“I have been racing and riding for over 30 years using old school training methods. Mike showed me ways to improve training. Getting faster, stronger and having a more effective racing season. He has tailored the training program to work around my extremely limited time per day. His use of Training Peaks as a way to log and deliver weekly workout plans is wonderful. Mike has been very accessible and willing to talk.”
-Master athlete coached for 2+ seasons


“I started training with MSN Pro Coaching around 18 months ago, weighing 300lbs (I was 340+ prior), couldn’t run a mile without walking and was generally unhappy. I really wanted to become healthier in my lifestyle, make better day to day food choices, and get a handle on my weight. I also chose an athletic goal of completing a sprint triathlon later in the year.  I met with Mike to have a very open and honest conversation.  We reviewed where I was currently at physically, what my average diet consisted of and how I lived my day to day life. We then came up with our best course of action.
Now I am VERY happy to say that I am 240lbs (down a total of 100!), I’ve completed my sprint triathlon along with a few others, several century rides, a half marathon, and recently, an Iron Man 70.3 in Boulder, CO!!
With the help of Mike and a regained focus, I committed to changing my life and lifestyle.  I have NEVER done a diet on this journey, nor do I plan on ever doing one. With the help of MSN Pro Coaching, I really can say, I am a new and improved person.  Thank you Mike!!! “
Triathlete, cyclist, and overall fit person coached for 1+ seasons