Professional Package

Professional Package

The very pinnacle of professional-grade coaching, no longer just for the pros. If you’re looking to bring your game to the next level, you owe it to yourself to train with the very best.

A coaching service unlike any other in the industry, the MSN Pro Coaching Professional Package offers the most comprehensive coaching service available to a select stable of dedicated athletes. This level of coaching, unprecedented in the endurance sports world outside of professional and Olympic teams, harnesses the full arsenal at MSN Pro Coaching’s disposal to create a completely customized, multi-dimensional program that is fully tailored to each individual athlete and their unique physiology, lifestyle, goals, and needs.

  • Weekly program with daily updates/alterations as needed
  • Access to full range of physiological testing included: at least one test per month recommended
  • Complete dietary analysis
  • Motor paced session or run paced session as needed (for local clients)
  • Coached one-on-one rides as needed (for local clients)
  • Access to MSN Pro Coaching Indoor Training Center (winter season) included
  • MSN PRO Coaching manual included
  • Unlimited e-mail communication with maximum 24 hour response time
  • Minimum of one coach-initiated phone call per week
  • Quarterly Reviews of Training and data throughout the season
  • Overview of each training phase in graphical form
  • Use of TrainingPeaks software
  • One month trial followed by six month minimum commitment
  • Separate $150 one-time start-up fee not included

Athletes work one-on-one with head coach, Mike Norton, with unlimited communication resulting in a concrete coach-athlete relationship which is paramount to success in sport. Guess-work is completely removed from training thanks to a battery of physiological tests in the lab utilizing the very latest in sports science. Specific biological markers, as well as diet and sleep patterns are analyzed and monitored in order to maximize recovery and ensure proper assimilation of the training load. As needed, athletes train one-on-one with Mike, from coached training rides, to motor-paced interval sessions, to instruction on proper strength training and stretching at the MSN Pro Coaching Indoor Training Center, where athletes also enjoy unlimited access. Programs are monitored on a daily basis, with modifications made in real time ensuring that athletes remain completely focused and undistracted in their pursuit of the podium.

For the athlete looking for the very best, look no further.

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